Bite-size: The Story of Us | Hanna Ali


The Story of Us | Hanna Ali

Hanna Ali is set to take the literary scene by storm with her dreamlike prose in her debut publication, “Sheekadii Noloshayada” / The Story of Us, a collection of four short stories published in Somali. Ali is the first contemporary writer to publish her debut in the Somali language as both in audio and e-book format. Hanna’s works have been described to accurately capture the unspoken tensions, hopes and wishes of displaced people. The unique, singular stories gently wrap themselves around your mind like your favourite melancholic song. Hanna truly shows: where there is pain, there is beauty.  We got to review the English language version of her collection.

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Bite-size Review: Ignorance is the Enemy of Love | Faaraz M J Cawl


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Ignorance is the Enemy of Love | Faarax M J Cawl


Ignorance is the Enemy of Love (Aqoondarro waa u nacab jacayl) tells a fatalistic love story of Calimaax and Cawrala. Faarax M. J. Cawl wrote the novel in the Somali language, which did not have an official orthography until 1972, and published the novel in 1974. The English translation by UNESCO linguist B.W. Andrzejewski is no longer available in print. This is not just a fanciful tragic love story rather the novel has political and historical tropes which draw on the tensions between British colonisers and the Muslim Brotherhood of Sayid Maxamed Cabdulle Xasan (1856-1921). Continue reading “Bite-size Review: Ignorance is the Enemy of Love | Faaraz M J Cawl”