Interview with Obinna Udenwe on Satans and Shaitans

Obinna Udenwe

A. How did the idea for Satans and Shaitans come about?

O.U I began writing the novel in 2007 but it wasn’t Satans and Shaitans back then, it was a book titled The Clutch Pencil. I was an Engineering student, and one day this lecturer came to class with a clutch pencil. I wondered if it was possible that someone mischievous could unscrew the pencil, remove the pencil lead and insert a poisoned needle, and with that commit some murder – that was how the idea was born. Continue reading “Interview with Obinna Udenwe on Satans and Shaitans”

Bite-size Review: Satans & Shaitans | Obinna Udenwe


Satans & Shaitans | Obinna Udenwe

Satans and Shaitans presents an action packed crime thriller novel with a boisterous narrative. Obinna Udenwe cleverly weaves together a tale of crime and power at the upper echelons of Nigerian politics and society with that of a tragic love story. Set against the backdrop of orchestrated pseudo religious extremist attacks, fashioned in the name of power rather that of Allah, the novel although fictional bears a striking resemblance to what is happening in Nigeria.

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Bite-size Review: Bound to Secrecy | Vamba Sherif


Bound to Secrecy | Vamba Sherif

Compact and layered with rapid events unfolding, Bound to Secrecy drops the reader straight into the action. Without a still moment for reflection, Vamba Sherif invigorates the narrative with consistent mysteries and hushed secrets. Set in a small remote town in Liberia- closed off by dense forest- the story assumes interesting plots twists and turns. Continue reading “Bite-size Review: Bound to Secrecy | Vamba Sherif”

Bite-size Review: Wife Of The Gods | Kwei Quartey


Wife Of The Gods | Kwei Quartey

Kwei Quartey immediately captures the reader’s attention in his debut novel Wife of the Gods throughout the easy-to-read, fast-paced and suspense ridden action. Seamlessly written and told, the story follows Detective Inspector Darko Dawson who is impetuously assigned from the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters in Accra, to lead a murder investigation in the small town, Ketanu, and neighbouring village, Bedome, in Ghana’s Volta Region. Continue reading “Bite-size Review: Wife Of The Gods | Kwei Quartey”