Do you like what you read on our site and want to get involved? Why not submit a piece to our site!Submit something along the following themes;

Why African Literature
Simply share with us why African literature is important. Be objective as possible and support your arguments. Feel free to approach this topic from any angle.

Situating African Literature in the Global Context:
Respond to ongoing debates on African literature e.g.  looking at common trends and features of contemporary African fiction. You can also write on how globalisation has impacted on current developments within African literature.

Gender Matters
What are your opinions on gender and identity in African literature? Does the gender of the writer impacts his/her writing. How are women and men portrayed in contemporary African fiction? Do we need more women writers and why? These are just a few ideas to get you started, feel free to come up with your own in relation to the themes.

One Heritage 
Writings that cover the richness of Africa’s diverse heritage. It should either celebrate, problematise, illuminate, elucidate, or promote marginalised voices within contemporary African literature. For example, the dominance of Anglophone writers, vis-à-vis the absence of other regional voices (i.e. Francophone, Lusophone, Amharic, Xhosa and Arabic).

Alternatively, if these themes don’t jazz too well with you and you prefer something more to your taste, let’s compromise. Send us a 100-150 word synopsis of what you have in mind.

Submission Eligibility

We aim to publish all work submitted to us, provided that it is;

  • Between 700-1000 word limit (albeit negotiable);
  • Don’t try to impress, because we are not after any particular style of writing. The writing must be of good quality, coherent and succinct. The less academic, more conversational and engaging, the better;
  • Substantiate your claims and arguments;
  • We are open-minded so all views are welcome provided that they do not offend others or cause damage to the cultural dignity of any persons or group of people, promote harmful misrepresentations of any persons or group of people. So be radical, but a dose of pragmatism is advised;
  • Please note that unfortunately we are unable to pay for submissions at this stage.

For readers who want to share what you are reading, take a snapshot of your African books, and share these with us on social media by tagging Afrikult. and #LoveAfricanLiterature.

Sending Us Your Article
Simply email it to the team with the subject title ‘Submissions’ to Thank you!