Stories of Home

Stories of Home’ is a literary programme offered to displaced people living in London with an opportunity to workshop African literature and write their own creative pieces in response to the literature as well as to their own experiences. After the half-day workshop participants will have the opportunity to work with an editor to edit their creative pieces which would then be published in the Stories of Home digital anthology. The anthology will be launched at an exclusive Afrikult. event, and the participants will be invited to attend. The half-day workshop is free for participants including a stipend offered for public transportation, lunch provided and an Afrikult. take-away bag gifted.

Our main focus with ‘Stories of Home’ is to capture why and how literature matters within hard-to- reach communities. From our work with schools and the general public, we recognise workshops are instrumental in encouraging a wider discussion of literature and how it impacts each and every one of us. Specifically, in targeting communities and groups of people who are largely marginalised, we aim to showcase work where our participants will be able to freely engage and identify with some of the issues explored; thereby building a bridge for dialogue and expression and perhaps most significantly with this audience, the sharing of interpretations. Also through the digital anthology we aim to continue the discussion around literature, migration and immigration online with a #StoriesofHome campaign.

Supporting the programme so far…

We’re not the only ones who see the value of ‘Stories of Home’, we’ve received a generous offer of support from our following partners and organisations who want to be involved.

  • Venue and catering support-in-kind from SOAS, University of London, in association with SOAS Alumni, on Monday 18 June;
  • Communications and venue support-in-kind from Free Word on Friday 22 June;
  • Communications support from English PEN;
  • Donation of daytime weekend festival tickets for Africa Writes 2018;
  • Book donations for the Afrikult. tote bag from publishers and booksellers;
  • Refugee centres and organisations support in signing up participants for the programme.

We felt it was important to launch the programme during National Refugee Week and add to the diverse range of social activities offered in that time. After not receiving initial funding to lift this off the ground, we decided to go ahead in delivering the workshops, while also taking the plunge in launching this crowdfunder because we strongly believe in the value of this programme. This crowdfunder will cover the costs of translators and interpreters, contents for the take-away bags, anthology editor and designer fee, transport stipend for the participants, refreshments and seed money for the 2019 programme, all amounting to £2,050.

We have got cool line up of rewards for the pledges received including “I’m supporting Storie of Home” badge on our crowdfunding page. If you love the sound of this programme please help promote our crowdfunder using suggested tweet;

Check out @afrikult’s latest literary programme #StoriesofHome for refugees and asylum-seekers in London! Head to and support the programme!

Thank you!

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