‘Poetry meets Pan-Africanism: Africa Utopia Book Club’


This year, Afrikult. had the privilege to host a book club at Africa Utopia 2018 entitled Poetry Meets Pan-Africanism. We focused on the contributions of women poets to the Pan-African movement whose history largely focuses on male figures like Nkrumah, Sankara and Garvey or Senghor, Césaire and Diop when we think of the Négritude movement.

Our book club explored amazing poetry that have not received the acclaim they deserve similar to their male contemporaries. They were written by Nontsizi Mgqwetho (1900s, South Africa, Xhosa), Noémia de Sousa (1940s-60s, Mozambique, Portuguese), Annette M’Baye d’Erneville (1960s-2000s, Senegal, French) and Nayyirah Waheed (2010s, America, English), African women whose work influenced ideologies on African identity, culture, politics and unity. 

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