Bite-size Review: Wife Of The Gods | Kwei Quartey


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Wife Of The Gods | Kwei Quartey


Kwei Quartey immediately captures the reader’s attention in his debut novel Wife of the Gods throughout the easy-to-read, fast-paced and suspense ridden action. Seamlessly written and told, the story follows Detective Inspector Darko Dawson who is impetuously assigned from the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters in Accra, to lead a murder investigation in the small town, Ketanu, and neighbouring village, Bedome, in Ghana’s Volta Region. The citizens of the Volta Region are deeply steeped in traditional customs, one of which is deemed a controversial practice: trokosi (or, wives of the gods). The characters (and towns’ characterisations) flavour the development of the growing mysteries surrounding Gladys Mensah’s death. Particularly Darko who is heavily flawed, cantankerous and passionate about the case, his family and the victims. Peppered with consistent plot twists and incessant guess-work, Quartey invites the reader to conduct groundwork alongside Darko – which is both fun and highly entertaining. Moments of humour creep on the reader unexpectedly. The dialogues are exquisite and delectable. For a first novel, this is an outstanding achievement.

(Recommend 2010 Random House Trade Paperback)


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