Bite-size Review: The Trouble Causer | Solomon Kubeshenga


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The Trouble Causer


A rough gem long abandoned on the wayside waiting to be known. The Trouble Causer sends us on a journey into the wilderness of the African past, where land, man and animal shares close communion. It tells of the tale of Bugeiga, a rich cattle herder of the Mugirakwe clan whose vanity and pride results in a cycle of bitter rivalry, forced migration and disharmony between clansmen and old friends. Reminiscent of the ancient tales told around the fire side, the Ugandan writer, Solomon Kubeshenga presents an intricate web of history, myths and fables that beautifully unravels the customs and traditions that bind precolonial African societies together. The Trouble Causer is indeed a superb depiction of precolonial African civilisation. Though rich with imaginative prowess, the narration would have greatly benefited from good editorial finesse. At least, the author’s clinical and thorough observation makes it a thrilling and magnetic read.



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