Bite-size Review: The Triangle | Nakisanze Segawa


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The Triangle | Nakisanze Segawa


Published this year Nakisanze Segawa’s The Triangle is a work of historical fiction that will leave you wanting more. Set in the Kingdom of Buganda in the late 1800s the story centres on life at the royal palace. Segawa skilfully makes us privy to the varied and complex relationships played out between the young Kabaka (king) Mwanga II, his wives, his courtiers and the foreigners in his kingdom, European missionaries and Arab merchants. Segawa meticulously researched historical archives in the process of writing this book and it really shows; from missionary letters to medical procedures carried out at the time, the wealth of historical facts included is fascinating. Through her attention to detail different characters interests are adeptly illustrated and we, the readers, are able to gauge what is put at stake through their actions. Though this first edition does have some editorial blemishes, they do not detract from this gripping story of conflict and desire, but ultimately, Power. Not only does Segawa offer up an intriguing retelling of real events in Uganda’s history but also poses thought provoking questions through her characters about how much we, in the present, actually know about the past.

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