Bite-size Review: The House Is Not For Sale | E.C. Osondu


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The House Is Not For Sale | E.C. Osondu


E.C. Osundu’s debut novel, This House is Not for Sale, brings to life the daily affairs of a Nigerian community. It is set in and around a large ‘family house’, owned by the patriarch and overlord ‘Grandpa’. Shrewd, business minded and possessing an air of omnipresence, Grandpa – equally benevolent and tyrannical – presides over a motley ménage of blood relations, tenants, and lackeys, with a firm hand. The author colourfully knits into his narrative myths and legend that draws the reader into a strange and magical world of material familiarity and curious mysticism. Another story of an ancient curse seeking retribution for former misdeeds. Nevertheless, the narrative possesses an evocative tone and distinctive style, reflective of the writer’s rich and vast imagination.


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