Bite-size Review: The Book of Memory | Petina Gappah


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The Book of Memory | Petina Gappah


Estranged, accursed and displaced, our protagonist in The Book of Memory pieces together the accounts of her demise. Memory is an albino woman facing the death penalty in Chikurubi, a maximum prison in Harare for the death of Lloyd Hendricks, her adopted patron. The accounts of her life, flows in fragments and scattered recollections mapping the painful guiles of memory. Transporting the reader through the townships of poor black Africans, suburbs of rich white settlers and the grim cells of Chikurubi inmates, The Book of Memory written by Petina Gappah presents a bitter tale of fated injustice. Though neatly written and with a smooth flow, its scattering narrative at times makes the novel a frustrating read.


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