Bite-size Review: So the Path Does Not Die | Pede Hollist


So the Path Does Not Die | Pede Hollist

A cleverly written, superb and charming piece of work, garnished with delectable proses. So the Path Does Not Die illuminates the diaspora experience. It unearths the burdensome travails of migrants negotiating between two worlds- modernity and tradition, West and Africa.

This duality of being is told through the story of Fina, a Fulani girl who escapes the dangers of tradition at her father’s behest, marking the beginning of her journey from guilt to redemption. Fina struggles to find a balance between tradition and modernity, by resisting the rupturing attractions of western civilization, in the hope to be of service to her people. From the experiences of this fula girl, Pede Hollist presents a tenderly soulful tale of love, duty and sacrifice, interspersed with tearful moments of tragic loss.



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