Bite-size Review: Satans & Shaitans | Obinna Udenwe


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Satans & Shaitans | Obinna Udenwe


Satans and Shaitans presents an action packed crime thriller novel with a boisterous narrative. Obinna Udenwe cleverly weaves together a tale of crime and power at the upper echelons of Nigerian politics and society with that of a tragic love story. Set against the backdrop of orchestrated pseudo religious extremist attacks, fashioned in the name of power rather that of Allah, the novel although fictional bears a striking resemblance to what is happening in Nigeria.

The real bite to this story stems from its ill-fated protagonist Leonard, whose unabated hatred and fear of his father, chief Amechi, finds him in a spiral of murders, including the girl he loves. Satans and Shaitans, is a gripping moral tale of power, love and greed.


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