Bite-size Review: Everyday In Love | Richard Akita


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Everyday In Love | Richard Akita


Every Day in Love is a heart melting homage of an ordinary man’s love to his wife. Inspired by mobile texts messages sent to his wife, Richard Akita transcends every day expressions of affection to a moving and veritable heartland of poetic effervescence. Split into three parts; ‘A Quick Burst of Inspiration’ is the first taster of motivational excerpts to help boost morale, ‘Memos to My Wife’ displays the personal expressions of love to Akita’s partner and inspires readers to keep the love going, and, finally ‘A Beautiful Ripple Effect’ welcomes self-introspection and expresses gratitude to God. Candid, reflective and affective, Every Day in Love by Richard Akita is open to everyone, young or old, in love or in search of.


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