Bite-size Review: Bound to Secrecy | Vamba Sherif


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Bound to Secrecy | Vamba Sherif

Compact and layered with rapid events unfolding, Bound to Secrecy drops the reader straight into the action. Without a still moment for reflection, Vamba Sherif invigorates the narrative with consistent mysteries and hushed secrets. Set in a small remote town in Liberia- closed off by dense forest- the story assumes interesting plots twists and turns.

Detective William Mawolo is sent by the Ministry of Interior to investigate the sudden disappearance of the town’s chief Tsetse. Mawolo uncovers anecdotes from locals of Tsetse’s frightful reign, however the palpable suspense and terror seems to intensify by the detective’s relentless digging into the social, economic and supernatural practices of the town. Until the dreadful truth unleashes itself, silencing Mawolo forever. Sherif writes with a distinct and jagged style which can sometimes be difficult to follow, nonetheless its portrayal of women and Lebanese migrants leaves one mystified.


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