Africa Writes 2018 Young Voices Showcase

This year Afrikult. was invited once again to facilitate two half day workshops as part of the Africa Writes Young Voices Showcase outreach programme. We were lucky enough to return to Parliament Hill School for Girls and work with a wonderful group of students.

Some Parliament Hill School students doing a workshop exercise

We delivered two workshops that focused on African languages and poetry, and African women writers. During the workshops the students created a piece of writing on an issue that they care about. They were then invited to read or perform this piece of work at the Young Voices Showcase session at Africa Writes on Saturday 30 June.

Afrikult. with two Parliament Hill School students, their wonderful teacher and some proud parents at the Young Voices Showcase at the British Library for Africa Writes 2018

The work that was created demonstrated how astute and engaged young people are and we are so proud to have been able to work with them.

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