Partners & Collaborators

This page is dedicated to organisations and individuals Afrikult. has partnered,  collaborated or worked with on various initiatives.









Ryzard Akita is 22 and founder of R. He has a BA Graphic Communications from University of Reading. At the age of 12 Ryzard began freelancing as a graphic designer by producing effective and simple designs for a diverse clientele. The ten years of freelancing has been a foundation to building his career in the Graphic Communications industry, from branding to digital to print. Find out more:


Habiba Nabisubi graduated with an Illustration degree at Camberwell College of Arts. Being British Ugandan, she finds inspiration and pride in her duel heritage and enjoys capturing diversity through drawing. You can find more of her work on her blog:  / For contact:


Ashleen La Malfa-Donaldson is a recent graduate who studied BA Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. Ashleen loves to travel and explore different cultures. Her travels have given her confidence as a creative and inspired her to explore new cultural influences in the form of design, art and film. Contact:


Nicole LeBlanc is currently studying a B.A in Photography at the London College of Communication. Growing up in the Bahamas, she has been photographing from a young age and has moved to London to continue to explore the art. Website:


Sarah Nwafor is a photographer with a passion for redressing the (mis)representation of Africans in the media.  She is the founder of Cultured Lens, a platform that seeks to amplify the intellectual and creative presence of the Black African Diaspora in Britain. You can follow her on social media @CulturedLens


Nathan Richards is a PhD student and scholarship recipient at the University of Sussex in the field of Digital History. His research focus is concerned with the impact of digital historical methods, theories and practices on the investigation of the black past. He is also a documentary film maker and published writer. Twitter: @Umanyano


Jackie Sarpong is a filmmaker & documentarian from London, UK. A very reluctant creative who has a love for theology, research & moving images. If she had a past life she would have been a RnB trap music producer, but right now she happily serves the Lord through filming things and people.