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Afrikult. is a strong believer and doer in widening access to African literature to diverse communities. Afrikult. runs on a voluntary basis, whatever the organisation makes is invested back into Afrikult.’s work.

Our engagement with schools, universities, and the public has demonstrated a real need and demand for broadening topics and awareness on African literature. If you would like to support the work Afrikult. is doing by donating money, you can do so via PayPal. We also include a FREE Afrikult. tee and some other goodies for donations above £30!  #awesome

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Photo credit: Habiba Nabisubi
Photo credit: Johnny Birkbeck


Our three-part event series, Words that Travel 2016, was generously supported financially by the following sponsors:



In November 2015 to January 2016, Afrikult. launched its crowdfunding campaign Promoting OUR Diversity #LoveAfricanLiterature which helped raise over £1,000 to cover artist fees. We are thankful to our generous donors (in no particular order) Naima Fowlis, Manuela Schwarz, Nyasha Duri, Ade Fadairo, Neil McCallum, Anna De Mutiis, Tola Oshin, Peter Kalu, Rasheeda Nalumoso, Kane Moore, Chibogu Chichi Odiari, Kiran Yoliswa, Lady Pearl Owusu, Charlene Bello, Jade Lee, Ife Adesida, Ebenezer L Akita, Huma Malik, AFREADA, Fadil Elobeid, Vanguard Connect, Trudy Mensah, Alisha Fisher, Bianca Notarbartolo di Sciara, Shushan Tewolde-Berhan, Brian Lukera Wambani, Joshua Smith, Amanda Brefo, Riccardo Lambertini, Ike and Linda Nnene, Umaru Tarawally, Lucy Moore, Shirley Kissi, Yvette Kissi, and the thirteen sponsors who preferred to remain anonymous.

Here are some images used for the crowdfunding campaign:

 Photographer: Nicole Le Blanc (Instagram: @nicole_g_leblanc)