Aside from the roles listed below, the co-founders also write for the website, programme events, host discussions in academic spaces, curate and facilitate workshops and partner with leading and grass-roots organisations on a part-time voluntary basis.


Marcelle Mateki Akita | Digital & Publicity 

Marcelle is a writer, reader and researcher who shares her work on matekiwrites. Her debut collection Lizard & Other Stories is available worldwide on Amazon. Marcelle is also the Web Content Editor for the Caine Prize for African Writing and Assistant Producer for the Africa Writes festival hosted at the British Library. As co-founder of Afrikult., Marcelle is mainly responsible for digital and publicity – if you want to work with or feature Afrikult. then Marcelle is the person to contact on!

What Marcelle enjoys most from African literature:

Historical fiction, Contemporary fiction, Fantasy fiction, Womanism and Feminism, Erotica, Romance, War and Violence, Philosophy, and Creative non-fiction.

Zaahida Nabagereka | Languages and Translations

Zaahida is currently studying  for a PhD in African Languages and Cultures at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her research is focusing on literary production processes in Kampala, Uganda.  As co-founder of Afrikult. Zaahida is interested in the relationship between politics and literature, and how this often mediates, or in some cases dictates language and form. If you are a translator or publish work in an African language then Zaahida is the person to contact on!

What Zaahida enjoys most from African literature:

Oral literature, Languages,  Orature, Translations,  Historical fiction, Politics, History, Identity,  Literary Criticism

Henry Brefo | Editorial (former)

Henry is currently undertaking PhD research at University of Birmingham on Chieftaincy in Ghana and is also an Associate Editor for Flight Journal. As co-founder of Afrikult., Henry was mainly responsible for editorial matters from July 2014 until February 2017.


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